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Maldonado Maldonado from San Antonio wrote on September 23, 2018 at 9:33 pm:
We stayed at this resort in August 2018. This is a great location, easy access to the beach. The view of the ocean is outstanding-so relaxing. The 2 bedroom condo (502) was very nice, clean and fully furnished. Having a washer and dryer was a plus. My family had a wonderful time. The staff is very accommodating--thank you! This was our 2nd stay, will definitely return again.
Admin Reply by: Maria Gardner
Thank you for your review. We are happy to hear that you enjoyed your stay with us and that you will visit us again on your next SPI trip.
Paula Paula from Kingwood wrote on September 23, 2018 at 8:35 pm:
Love this place! Would definitely stay here again! Easy access to the beach. Nice pools. We stayed on the 6th floor (604)....great view.
Admin Reply by: Maria Gardner
We are excited to hear that you love it here. We look forward to seeing you again.
The Flanders The Flanders from San Antonio wrote on September 22, 2018 at 7:44 pm:
My husband and I have stayed at Seabreeze multiple times in the past, and we just returned from spending a month in 602. Our condo was clean and pleasant but the most appreciated thing within the unit was the new bedding and the fabulous memory foam bedding topper on the Master bed. We love the proximity to the beach and enjoy the gorgeous views so much. We brought Emma, our Cavalier Spaniel with us and she had such fun meeting people. We have been treated so well by the staff and love staying with you. We have booked 4 more months in the future, two before the end of this year and 2 consecutive months in the Spring. See you in October!!
Admin Reply by: Maria Gardner
That is awesome! We are so happy that you enjoyed your stay and that you will be back very soon.
Miriam Holt Miriam Holt from League City, Tx wrote on September 22, 2018 at 6:40 pm:
Really enjoyed our family vacation at Seabreeze! My family member's had stayed here last year and we joined them this year. Now we plan to do it again next year. We stayed in 201, room was clean. View was great! Parking is the only big issue but they can’t really do anything about that.
Admin Reply by: Maria Gardner
Thank you for your review. We are glad that you enjoyed your stay with us. Parking is a big issue all over the island. We are situated by a public beach access so find that visitors try to park in our resort. This year we brought in parking security for just the weekends to try to alleviate the problem. We found it successful so will look at doing this again next year also. We look forward to seeing you again soon.
jim thompsen jim thompsen from CRESCENT wrote on August 29, 2018 at 9:15 pm:
This was our 2nd visit to SPI and our 1st stay at Seabreeze. We absolutely loved it! The office staff and maintenance staff all friendly and helpful. We stayed in Condo 406. It was nicely decorated, clean and comfortable furniture, the kitchen had plenty of dishes, utensils, pots & pans. The pools and hot tub were great. The view from the patio was awesome! Had a hard time with the TV. We plan to return to Seabreeze.
Admin Reply by: Maria Gardner
Thank you so much for your review. We are happy to hear that your first stay with us made a great impression and that you will visit us again on your next SPI trip.
Jeff Gentry Jeff Gentry from Fort Worth wrote on August 29, 2018 at 2:23 pm:
My Grand Daughter and I stayed on the top floor condo 606. The unit was very accommodating! The view from the balcony was unbelievable. Seemed as if the gulf was right at eye level. The roaring sound of the waves was so relaxing. My grand daughter made many friends there and had a wonderful time at the pools. Pools were a bit small but again very accommodating and worked out perfect. It is family oriented although there was a day that older kids were a bit loud but it settled down. I definitely plan on staying here again soon!
Admin Reply by: Maria Gardner
Thanks for your review. We are pleased that you first time with us was enjoyable and that you will visit us again on your next trip.
Ryan Blase garcia Ryan Blase garcia from San Antonio wrote on August 28, 2018 at 3:38 pm:
I freaking love y'all! We had the best time. Everyone in the front office was great, would not go anywhere else.
Admin Reply by: Maria Gardner
Well that made me giggle and blush a little. We are feeling the love! Sorry but I had to change the "F" word for freaking (family friendly and all 😉 ) Glad to hear that we made such an impact on you and glad you won't go anywhere else. We look forward to seeing you again soon.
Mark Caley Mark Caley from San Antonio wrote on August 27, 2018 at 9:52 pm:
My wife and I make it a point to stay at Seabreeze Resort when we travel to South Padre. This trip we stayed in condo 407. Units are always clean and in excellent condition and their beach location is convenient to everything. Highly recommend.
Admin Reply by: Maria Gardner
Thanks so much for your review. We are glad that you enjoyed yet another stay with us. We appreciate you recommending us. We look forward to seeing you again on your next visit.
YBG YBG from McAllen wrote on August 27, 2018 at 9:17 pm:
We stayed at 408. the condo is nice with easy access to elevator. the front office staff is easy going and was very helpful.
Admin Reply by: Maria Gardner
Thank you for your review. We look forward to seeing you again on your next SPI trip.
Cyndi Featherston Cyndi Featherston from Houston wrote on August 27, 2018 at 1:53 pm:
This was our 3rd visit to the resort and in unit 103. I like the upgrades, but the twins beds in the front bedroom were a bummer. We managed though. This resort has good amenities and is right on the beach. Everyone in our family had a wonderful time. The staff were friendly and helpful as always. Will definitely be back!
Admin Reply by: Maria Gardner
It was great seeing you again. We are so sorry about the Queen bed being swapped out for the twins in the guest bedroom. The owners decided to make the change and we hadn't had the new photos loaded on the website at the time. Thank you so much for your understanding and we are happy to hear that it didn't stop you from having another fantastic time with us. We look forward to seeing you again next year.
Nancy Miller-Brown Nancy Miller-Brown from Douglass wrote on August 27, 2018 at 12:33 pm:
This was our first trip to South Padre and the Seabreeze was amazing. We stayed 4 days with 4 kids and had an amazing time. Condo was clean, had everything we needed with a beautiful view and easy access to the water. The only issue may have been parking but we made it ok!! Loved our stay!!!!
Admin Reply by: Maria Gardner
Woohoo! a first time! Thanks for spending it with us! We are excited to hear that you enjoyed your condo and the resort. We are going to be getting parking security during the summer weekends next year to help keep our very sought after premium parking for guests only. We hope to see you for year 2 soon. Thanks for your review.
Tom Tom from Brownwood wrote on August 27, 2018 at 1:19 am:
4th time to stay at Seabreeze. Always enjoyable. Perfect place to stay. Can’t wait to go back.
Admin Reply by: Maria Gardner
Thanks! We can't wait to have you back! We have already loaded next years rates so online booking is now available. Don't wait too long to book your favorite condo! 😉
Maria Molina Maria Molina from Cedar park Texas wrote on August 26, 2018 at 11:54 pm:
Our 4th stay at Seabreeze , we enjoyed our stay in room 407 and we also has our kids in room 405 . When I booked I just thought they were next to each other but they were in separate buildings. Anyway we had fun .
Admin Reply by: Maria Gardner
I'm sorry you weren't aware that the 06's, 07's and 08's are in the south building (01's - 05's in the North building) It's still in the same resort just not next door. We are glad that you enjoyed your stay and hope that you visit us again on your next SPI trip.
Terry Terry from Lincoln wrote on August 26, 2018 at 8:35 pm:
We stayed in 406 over 4th of July week and had a great time! The condo was very clean and well maintained. We loved the views from the balcony of the ocean. Very friendly people and staff. This was our second stay, and we will definitely be back.
Admin Reply by: Maria Gardner
Thank you so much for your great review. We are happy to hear that you enjoyed your condo and stay. We look forward to seeing you again on your next SPI visit.
Gabby Gabby from Houston wrote on August 3, 2018 at 10:25 pm:
We checked into Seabreeze condo 201 late on a Sunday afternoon. Condo was beautiful and clean. I noticed the guest bathroom door was damaged. I took pictures of what I found and reported to the office the next morning. The maintenance man was there when I was reporting it and he said it looked like someone forced open the door and he would fix it later that afternoon. He put it back together but didn’t fix it so we left the door alone the remainder of our trip and used the other door instead. And to note, my four year old and my 8 month old stayed in that room- no one strong enough to force open the door. Upon check out on Thursday I reported to the office that I lost one of the keys and agreed to the $75 fee. I reminded them that the door was still damaged. They told me they were going to fix it today. Two days later I called and asked if they had found the key in the condo and an expensive silk shirt I left behind. The office said no then accused me of having caused the damage to the door in addition to scratches to the refrigerator door. Ummm, what?!?! Not once during our stay did they question me about the damage or accuse me of anything. And for the record we did not cause any damage to that condo!! As for the refrigerator, we saw the scratches and didn’t think anything of them because it’s a cheap fake stainless refrigerator- scratches are inevitable. I didn’t report them because I didn’t think it was a big deal. Now, 2 days later they want to charge me $700 for damages we did not do?!?!! Unacceptable!!!! The office stated their housekeeping didn’t report any damage prior to our check in and the owner stayed there before we did therefore, we had done the damage. I assured them we did not cause the damage and asked them to question their housekeepers again because someone was not being truthful. They stated their housekeepers were trustworthy because they had been working there a long time- ? What does that have to do with anything?! Now, I’m not accusing housekeeping of causing the damage, I don’t know who did but it was not us. I feel like the owner is trying to upgrade the condo on our expense. I agreed to pay the $75 for the lost key and that was it. The office person was rude and accusatory making statements like “you caused the damage” “the owner is very particular about the condo so you are responsible” “we are charging your card we don’t need your permission again” I am very upset by this and you should be aware of these types of behaviors before you choose to stay here. We did not cause any damage. We are a family with small children not teenagers on spring break!! Oh and of course, they claim they did not find my expensive top- I’m sure someone in that condo complex is enjoying it right now.
Admin Reply by: Maria Gardner
We are glad that you liked the condo. As we have stated on all the other reviews you have posted regarding this matter. You checked in on July 29th at 3:46 pm, not late at all as we don't accept check-ins until 3 pm. Our office didn't close until 6 pm that day so there was plenty of time for you to come to the office to report any damages, something that I personally would have done before even taking my luggage in! Prior to your stay and the homeowner's stay a condo evaluation was done on all the condos in the rental pool. This inspection is carried out by Board members who evaluate each condo to make sure it is of the quality we expect for our guests. If the bathroom door had been broken then, or if there had been deep scratches on the (not so cheap) refrigerator during that evaluation it would have been mentioned in the report and received a lower score. If the bathroom door or deep scratches had been present during the homeowners stay then once again this would have been brought to the attention of the office. Our housekeeper are in-house, we don't hire an outside source, each housekeeper knows every condo inside out so when damages occur they are spotted during cleaning. No top was found in the condo expensive or otherwise, (I'm surprised you left it if it were that expensive) we pride ourselves on assisting left items back to the guest in a timely manner and have returned much more expensive items than a top!
Mike W & family Mike W & family from Oklahoma City wrote on July 28, 2018 at 2:26 am:
We had the pleasure of staying at Seabreeze (405) from June 16–23, 2018. I’m originally from the valley as well my wife, but we have been away 50 years . We wanted to show our granddaughters what a real clean beach was like and chose south Padre. It did not disappoint us. Our room was excellent and exactly what we needed with the balcony. And the two pools were a nice addition. We were steps from the beach and the weather was perfect. My other two grown children who live in N H. & OK. Now want Granddad to book it with three rooms next year. I hope to do just that. It was the most relaxing vacation I’ve ever had! No complaints at all.
Admin Reply by: Maria Gardner
Thank you so much! We are really happy to hear that you enjoyed your stay and that you will visit us again soon.
Tami Tami wrote on July 18, 2018 at 7:10 pm:
Funny when you post a HORRIBLE review Sea Breeze can decline the post if they don't like what you have to say. Hummmm...I think YELP will do a better job at broadcasting the poor management provided!!! OR LACK THERE OF. It's a win win for me 😉
Admin Reply by: Maria Gardner
Your review was posted. It takes a couple of days for a post to get answered. I see that you have left the same review on Yelp and have addressed it, as I will address this one again. When you leave a bad or "horrible" review people are smart enough to know situations arise where we cannot make unreasonable guests happy. We love our guests and want to continue to provide the best experience possible. Once again it's a shame you didn't enjoy your stay. We hope you find somewhere next year that will provide the best experience possible for you.
Sally Parkinson Sally Parkinson from Granbury wrote on July 14, 2018 at 11:46 pm:
Stayed in unit 403. Great location and very short walk to the beach. Comfortable bed and furnishings with plenty of towels and kitchen utensils. Wonderful having a washer and dryer in the unit. Beautiful view of the gulf and beach from the balcony. Pool and spa were clean and overlooked the beach. Outdoor shower definitely a plus. Seabreeze Beach Resort is a perfect location for a visit to South Padre Island. Can't wait to go back.
Admin Reply by: Maria Gardner
Thank you for your review. We are so happy that you enjoyed your stay. We look forward to seeing you again.
Bekah Bekah from Frisco wrote on July 11, 2018 at 3:05 pm:
We stayed in #203 for 5 nights this past week and oh my goodness! Great place to stay. This condo is nice. Beds were all clean and comfy, bathrooms clean and nice. Fully stocked kitchen. Everything worked great. Very inviting. We are anxious to try out different condos at the Seabreeze but will definitely be back to 203. There is another review on 203 (not so great) and I'm glad I did not read it before booking the condo because it is WRONG! 203 is great. I'm wondering if the person who left the bad review is confused on where they stayed because there is no way I stayed in the same condo. Views are to die for. Just a few steps to the beach. Office girls were pleasant and maintenance staff nice. Recliners in the living room have been replaced with new ones since the pictures. The pictures don't do it justice.
Admin Reply by: Maria Gardner
Thank you so much for your great review. We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed your stay and loved the condo. We hope to see you again soon.
Tami Morrison Tami Morrison from Plano wrote on July 9, 2018 at 8:10 pm:
There are no words for this type of management. Janet needs to find a career path where NO CUSTOMER SERVICE is involved. My family has been coming to Seabreeze since 1979 and staying 1 to 2 weeks at a time. We booked 6 rooms in February and our rooms changed daily until we arrived in JUNE. I lost my key the 1st day and asked for another one and she said that would be $75. I said I take full responsibility for losing it but maybe $25 or something reasonable but that price was just off the charts. She said it was not her fault I lost my key in a HUGELY CONDESINDING manner and that the price stands. Janet dropped the ball first by placing all the rooms in my name with my email address so no one had a clue what room they were supposed to stay in. And the ending of this hot mess is Janet sent all receipts TO MY EMAIL and not even the correct customer. Simply too lazy to ask 5 more guests for their email address so they could receive their OWN receipts. As you can see the management i.e. Janet is a bully so she will respond with something nasty about my review today as she does to all her customers that see through her lack of customer service and follow through. Just listen and wait…
Admin Reply by: Maria Gardner
Let us re-cap the whole incident as this will be on our review page. You made all the condo reservations under your name. You wanted all the rooms under your name because you wanted to receive a 10% discount. (In the past we offered a 10% discount if a guest booked 11 or more rooms.) Within the same month of making the reservation, you canceled 4 condos. Your daughter called a month later to cancel a 5th condo however, since the reservation was in your name Janet called you to confirm this cancellation, to which you did not approve the cancellation. We contacted you in February to advise you that one of the condos you reserved (107) was taken out of the rental pool by the new owner, something we had no control over and we gave you options for other condos. You then wanted us to give you 103 (a 2 bedroom condo) at a 1 bedroom rate, and a 10% discount. We offered you a discount on 103 however, it would not be at the 1 bedroom rate but you ended up choosing a different condo instead. On the arrival date, all guests came to check in separately, something that you advised us would happen. When guests came in they all had paperwork for a specific unit. Apparently, your daughter had let every guest in the group choose their own condo and had made a print out for them to turn in during check-in. You were already upset when you finally arrived (after office hours) due to your rental car being infested with bugs! You then got upset because your father had chosen the condo that you wanted. You were upset with us for 2 reasons. First because your father chose the condo you wanted and second because you were left with a choice of 207 and 406 (an extra condo you had booked). You also wanted us to credit the extra condo back because you did not need it after all however, Janet let you know that because it was the day of arrival you would be responsible for the deposit on it. As for the key replacement. The charge for the key replacement is $75.00. All guest are advised of this price during check-in and it's posted on our website. The reason for the hefty charge is because once a guest looses a key, a locksmith is called in and the locks core is replaced along with new keys for future guests. Janet told me that you were very upset, threatening to leave without paying, that you were irate and being very loud with the office staff. In an effort to try to make you happy we ended up giving you a discount, but I guess that didn't satisfy you. Under these circumstances, I think Janet went above and beyond and did a very professional job in trying to assist you as much as possible. It's a shame that you took your frustration out on her by leaving such a nasty review, which was totally uncalled for. It's also a shame that you didn't enjoy your stay. Just as a final note, This response comes from an outside source other than the office.