Visit monumental sculptures by world renowned artist Javier Marin.

TRES CABEZAS COLOSALES  which translates to  ” Three Colossal Heads”Placed on-site just off the Causeway in the Queen Isabella Memorial Park through May 2015.

Queen Isabella Memorial Park is located in the median near the crossover at the foot of the Queen Isabella Causeway.

SPI tres cabezas Javier Marin has developed a solid career as a visual artist for the last 30 years, holding over 90 solo exhibitions and more than 200 collective shows in Mexico, the USA, Canada, and several countries in South America, Asia and Europe. His artwork can be found in numerous public collections including the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, the Blake-Purnell Collection, the Malba-Fundación Constantini Buenos Aires (Argentina), amongst others.

The increasing presence of larger pieces in public spaces evidently parts from a contemporary conceptualization about urban interventions. Marín’s public artwork opens up towards its physical and human context, offering alternative interpretations of it, as well as of the piece itself. His sculpture takes its exploration to all sorts of places and towards different kinds of experiences, encouraging a constant and dynamic feedback. In his creative work, Marín explores human interactions and follows a sense of balance, in a formal as well as in a conceptual aspect.

Enjoy this traveling exhibit during your visit to South Padre Island……